Patrol II Guard Tour System
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PATROL II LCD is a portable proximity ID reader designed for tracking of the guards’ work. The principle of device work is to collect dates and times when guard registered his attendance at specific facility points where proximity checkpoints were located. As a checkpoint any EM 125 KHz proximity transponder can be used (e.g. card, tag, key fob, disc) or a special checkpoints dedicated to PATROL II guard tracking system (e.g. PK-1 or PK-2 made by Roger).The PATROL II LCD stores in internal memory checkpoint codes together with dates and times they were read. It can record up to 32.768 logs in total. The reader can be supplied from the disposable (one time use) or rechargeable LR6 (AA) type batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be charged directly from the PC USB port to which reader is connected or using dedicated AC charger provided with the device. The USB port is also used for configuration and events downloading from the reader.

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